History of Innovation

CYIOS Corporation is a leading Department of Defense (DoD) contractor providing cutting-edge, innovative solutions since 1994. This innovation extends to three distinct areas: Systems Integration, Web and Database Development, and Business Process Management and Improvement.

Systems Integration

CYIOS engineered Common Access Card (CAC) authentication solutions for remote access, document management, and other areas for the US Army. CYIOS’ best practices for CAC authentication have been shared among Army bases around the world. In another example, CYIOS architected and built an innovative remote access Citrix solution with thin client and COOP integration to support 10,000 end users. Lastly, CYIOS used many innovative scripting techniques to manage and monitor a large and complex heterogeneous environment comprised of Blade servers, virtual servers, and various applications including MS Exchange, Internet Information Server, and BlackBerry enterprise server.

Web and Application Development Innovation

CYIOS built America’s Army Online, the innovative prototype for Army Knowledge Online (AKO), which is the largest portal in the world with over 1.8 million users. As part of that development, CYIOS engineered the first online chat among Army leadership around the world. CYIOS continued innovating in knowledge management with the development of CYIPRO, a virtual office solution for collaboration, accountability, knowledge management and teleworking that features document management and versioning, project and task management, email encryption, full-text search, timesheets, meetings and reports.

Business Process Management and Improvement Innovation

In developing CYIPRO, CYIOS integrated Lean Six Sigma best practices to improve workflow and measure performance. CYIPRO also serves as a performance-based contract management system, which is used internally on all CYIOS contracts to ensure maximum productivity and total accountability. CYIOS also built the General Officer personnel management system using innovative web technologies to reduce manual processes, leverage collaboration, and become a paperless office. Lastly, CYIOS delivers solutions following innovative best practices of ITIL/ITSM to support configuration and change management for any organization.

CYIOS takes innovation quite seriously as our mission reflects: To provide Business and Technology Solutions by developing, designing, implementing and supporting innovative solutions through knowledge transfer, imagination and trust. Innovation is ingrained in CYIOS’ culture and our talented employees have built a legacy that continues today for our customers.

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